The Sanford Garden Club
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President Fran Morten 
Vice President Programs June Lucas
Recording Secretary Eula Palmer
Treasurer Betty Akers
Parliamentarian Mary MacTavish
President of Wildflower Circle Royce Tishken
President of Jacaranda Circle  Mary Rufas
President of The Seminole Bromeliad 
   and Tropical Plant Society
Butch Force

        Board Committee Chairpersons 2008—2009


Mary Rufas
Website Lani Berry
Year Book Fran Morton
Ways and Means June Lucas
Grounds and Horticulture
Seminole Bromeliad and
Tropical Plant Society
Chaplin Fran Morton
Librarian Sudi Hipsley
Membership Mildred McKendree
Publicity Anna Sanders
Rental Chairman Lani Berry

Executive Board Members 2008—2009

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