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  Punta Gorda Garden Club

Holly Days Home Tour 2014 

2014 Home Tour photo HomeTour-Flyer-2014-101514-cr_zps2dd49bc1.jpg

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Holly Days Home Tour 2013

“A Tropical Holiday to Remember”

Celebrating 20 years of Home Tours 

Our annual Holly Days Home Tour was held the first weekend in December.  Our Home Tour supports our scholarship and community projects.  Our 2013 Home Tour was well attended and we look forward to providing scholarships and continuing our community projects. .  Club members used all natural materials, fresh and dried, to decorate four homes in the Punta Gorda Historic District and the First United Methodist Church for the holidays.

The Club’s Holiday event began in 1992 when the Punta Gorda Days committee invited the Punta Gorda Garden Club to help celebrate Punta Gorda's 100-year anniversary. That year wreaths were made for eight homes. The Club then began to hold the Holly Days Home Tour the following year and has continued to do so on the first weekend of December.  In 2004 the tour was not held due to damage to the Historic District from Hurricane Charley.   That year the Punta Gorda Garden Club sold poinsettias and invited vendors to sell plants; this supported the scholarship and community projects fund. The Club continues to sell poinsettias during the Home Tour.  

On the Projects Page of this website you will find a list of the organizations to which the Club donates. The Club is grateful to the community for the support we receive allowing us to make donations to the community. 

Please enjoy photos of our 2013 Home Tour and we hope to see you at our 2014 Home Tour.


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McGregor Street

McGregor Street_1 photo photo_1_zps49d64611.jpg  McGregor Street_2 photo photo_2_zps50607efc.jpg  McGregor Street_3 photo Photo_3_zps4ca07ce2.jpg
McGregor Street_4 photo Photo_4_zps07586c31.jpg  McGregor Street_5 photo photo_5_zps2d9444e2.jpg  McGregor Street_6 photo Photo_6_zpse86606b3.jpg

West Olympia Avenue

W. Olympia Ave_1 photo Photo_1_zpsda152a7f.jpg  W Olympia Ave_2 photo Photo_2_zps1764bf10.jpg  W Olympia Ave_3 photo Photo_3_zpsb6f440e6.jpg

W Olympia Ave_4 photo Photo_4_zps3d6ec0ad.jpg  W Olympia Ave_5 photo Photo_5_zps37694f8a.jpg  W Olympia Ave_6 photo Photo_6_zps348a2dae.jpg

West Ann Street

Ann Street_1 photo Photo_1_zps219b60bd.jpg  Ann Street_2 photo Photo_2_zpse07aa2f0.jpg  Ann Street_3 photo Photo_3_zps10013145.jpg
Ann Street_4 photo Photo_4_zpse53c8621.jpg  Ann Street_5 photo Photo_5_zps032f6652.jpg Ann Street_6 photo Photo_6_zpsaf0f3ef7.jpg

Durrance Street

Durrance Street_1 photo Photo_1_zps649c4827.jpg  Durrance Street_2 photo photo_2_zps65f8a305.jpg  Durrance Street_3 photo photo_3_zpsc59fd13a.jpg
Durrance Street_4 photo Photo_4_zpsfd64f20f.jpg  Durrance Street_5 photo Photo_5_zps6a58af0c.jpg  Durrance Street_6 photo photo_6_zps4a54d46c.jpg

Poinsettia Sale and Refreshments

Poinsettias Sale and Refreshments photo 100_75033_zpscf9c1081.jpg   photo photo2_zpsc2675fe2.jpg

Poinsettia Sale and Refreshments photo 100_63603_zpsb82aac7a.jpg  Poinsettia Sale and Refreshments photo 100_41992_zps649d18d6.jpg

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