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Florida Native Plant

 Redbud photo redbud tree_zpsvqexdjwt.jpg 
Eastern Redbud
(Cercis canadensis)

The Eastern redbud, with heart shaped leaves, is a small to medium sized tree reaching a height of 20-40 feet. It is found from southern Ontario, west to Nebraska, and south to Texas and North Florida. The magenta flowers are borne in clusters along the naked branches and bloom in early spring. This fast growing tree does well in full sun in a variety of soils. It is commonly used as an ornamental.


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 Theme for Year 2014-2015

"Gardening to Enhance the Environment"

Blue Star Memorial Marker Our Mission Statement

The purpose of The Garden Club at Palm Coast, Inc. is: “To aid in the protection and conservation of plants, birds, trees, air, and water; to stimulate a knowledge and love of horticulture and floral design; to educate members to participate in environmental affairs and to encourage civic pride.”



Arrangers' Guild at Art League

Linda at Art League photo IMG_0735_zpsihjv05f5.jpg Arrangers' at Art League photo IMG_0732_zpsdxcbk7ji.jpg
The Arrangers' Guild created a program for the Art League "Art in Bloom" which was held on Thursday, March 19th. Four designers created floral pieces that were then sketched by artists who belong to the Art League. Arrangers' Guild director, Linda Hensler narrated as the designers worked. She provided an overview of the purpose of the Guild, the tools used in floral design and our FFGC Flower Shows. Designs were created by Elaine Sinclair, Pat Maurer, Sue Bara Andy Hofmann and Vicki Chalkey. A great evening was had by all!



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                  "Spring makes its own statement,
        so loud and clear that the gardener
        seems to be only one of the instruments,
        not the composer."     
                                    ~Geoffrey B. Charlesworth

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