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Florida Native Plant

 Yaupon holly photo yaupon holly_zpsgpzesg4g.jpg
Yaupon Holly
(Ilex vomitoria)

The Yaupon holly is a native, perennial evergreen shrub or a small tree (20’). They are medium to fast growing and grow well on a variety of soils. The upper surface of the leaves is a lustrous green with a lighter green lower surface. The showy red berries attract wildlife and are important food for songbirds. An interesting fact: Yaupon is the only native plant in North America that contains caffeine.


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"A Window of Inspiration on What is Possible"

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The purpose of The Garden Club at Palm Coast, Inc. is: “To aid in the protection and conservation of plants, birds, trees, air, and water; to stimulate a knowledge and love of horticulture and floral design; to educate members to participate in environmental affairs and to encourage civic pride.”




                                        Christmas Wreath Sale
Tabletop tree photo Tabletop tree_zpsjevbm2d8.png  photo Home-Dec2015-Wreath.png
22 inch fresh Christmas wreaths and 18 inch frazier fir trees will be delivered to the garden club shed (305 NE Palm Coast Pkwy) on Friday, Dec. 4. If you placed an order, you can pick your order up between 12:30 PM-3 PM. Need a wreath or table-top tree but did not order, come to Aimie's Hallmark on Saturday, Dec. 5 at 10 AM. We will be selling wreaths and trees until we sell out! 




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The Garden Club at Palm Coast, Inc.P.O. Box 352153
Palm Coast, FL  32135-2153



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      Dec.  7           Board Meeting
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      What to do in Your Garden-December

             Resources  by Jane Villa-Lobo    

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Chase Your Dreams

We make our own limitations:
through self-doubt; fear; and conformity.
But we can also expand or horizons.
We can push through the barriers, real and imagined.
If you have a dream,
Give it a chance.
Empower yourself!
"The truth lies in a man's dreams"
                      Miguel de Cervantes (1547-1616)

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