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Florida Native Plant

Aster birth flower photo Aster birth flower_zpsd9wkdiul.jpg 

In ancient times, it was believed that burning aster leaves would drive awayevil snakes. Asters are symbols of love, afterthought, faith, wisdom, valor, patience, and light. Aster is Latin for star which refers to the flower's star shape...


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Welcome to Our Website!

 Theme for Year 2016-2017

"Inspiring Harmonious Preservation of All Nature"

Blue Star Memorial Marker Our Mission Statement

The purpose of The Garden Club at Palm Coast, Inc. is: “To aid in the protection and conservation of plants, birds, trees, air, and water; to stimulate a knowledge and love of horticulture and floral design; to educate members to participate in environmental affairs and to encourage civic pride.”



Club Participates at Creekside Festival

The Club will host a both at Creekside Festival on Oct. 8-9. This Chamber of Commerce event will be held at Princess Place Preserve. Chairperson, Lucy Davis, and other volunteers will sell plants to benefit our scholarship program and the membership committeewill be available to answer questions about the club.   

Our next monthly meeting:  Monday, September 12, 2016 Join Us   

The Garden Club at Palm Coast, Inc.P.O. Box 352153
Palm Coast, FL  32135-2153



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      Sept. 6       Board Meeting   
    Sept. 12     General Meeting Join Us
      Sept. 20     Arrangers' Guild Luncheon

      What to do in Your Garden - Sept. 2016 
             Resources  by Jane Villa-Lobos 

September Bulletin

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